iPad Mini Slit Lamp Adapter


The iPad Mini slit lamp adapter  is the perfect balance between size and functionality you are looking for.

This will fit iPad mini version 1, 2 and 3 . Will not fit the version 4.

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The iPad Mini slit lamp adapter takes advantage of the 5 mpx camera , 1080p video and sharp 8″ screen  to take impressive anterior pictures and show your patients.

Main advantages of iPad Mini slit lamp adapter:

  1. Good quality pictures at 5 mpx.
  2. Beautiful 8″ screen. Ideal to show pictures to patients
  3. You still can take fundus pictures using a diagnostic lens. (We advise to use video for fundus)
  4. Multiple apps available for slit lamp photography, record patient info and transferring pictures to your computer.
  5. Compatible with most of the slit lamps (can be used in all your rooms)
  6. Takes seconds to setup.

The iPad mini slit lamp adapter Set includes:

  1. iPad mini slit lamp adapter with 10x ocular.
  2. Three sleeves for different diameters
    1. Adapter: 23.5 mm
    2. Sleeve 1: 25 and 28 mm
    3. Sleeve 2: 27 and 30.5 mm
    4. Sleeve 3: 29 and 30 mm


  1. Background Illumination for Slit Lamp

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions7 × 7 × 7 in

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