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3 Alternatives for Your Next Portable Slit Lamp Purchase

Portable slit lamps have come a long way in the last few years. They are not manufactured anymore from low-quality plastic and lens.

Now you will find a refined, durable, and high-quality lens in their place with options of LED illumination or even full-color screens.

Illumination control and slit width are standard, and they weigh almost nothing. Perfect for applications in remote areas or bed patients and children.

Here we examine 3 options you should consider for your next hand-held slit lamp.

Ultra Portable Slit Lamp S150

Ultra Portable Slit Lamp
Ultra Portable Slit Lamp

This slit lamp is an excellent tool for examination on children’s bedsides, ER, or quick screening.

It features a low-heat LED lamp with high brightness and more than 3 hours of battery. It is the world’s first and only portable slit lamp that applies a LED illumination system. The main advantage of using LED is no glare and a clear image.

It is very comfortable for the patient due to the low heat, and the sharp slit will give you the same quality as a desk slit lamp.

The LED lamp used in the S150 will last up to 20,000 hours at full power, which is 10 times more than a normal halogen lamp.

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Portable Slit Lamp with a Smartphone adapter

Portable Slit Lamp
Portable Slit Lamp

This is the classic hand-held slit lamp, lightweight and single-hand operated.

It works similarly to a desktop slit lamp, ideal for a mobile hospital, pediatrics, seniors, or nursing home.

Does PD Adjustment, comes with 3 filters (green, cobalt blue, and heat absorption), illumination control, and a 2 hours rechargeable lithium battery (continuous operation)

Includes a smartphone adapter, case, and accessories.

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Digital Portable Slit Lamp HSL-600

Digital Portable Slit Lamp
Digital Portable Slit Lamp

The newest digital slit lamp is perfect for capturing high quality 2 mpx pictures for a better screening and diagnosis.

Mostly using for bedside diagnosis, remote medical screenings and rapid screenings.

You will be able to transfer easily the 2 mpx pictures to your PC using the slit lamp WIFI hotspot or through the 8 GB SD Memory.

With 4 hours or continuous operation, a weight of 1 lb and a bright 3.5 inch color screen, there is nothing like it in the market.

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