Slit Lamp Camera Adapter Set DEC-TZ1

$3,605.00 $3,278.00

The Slit Lamp Camera Adapter DEC-TZ1 is a Single Port, Vertical mount for the slit lamps.

The complete Set includes Beam Splitter, Digital Adapter, Digital Camera SLR, memory and power adapter. See Description for more details.

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It converts from new Zeiss Style dovetail to old Topcon screw style slit lamps by unscrewing one side and screwing to other.

Light Prism is 50/50

Available 70/30 prisms.

Compatible with the following slit lamps:

  • AppassamyA1A11
  • Argus SL-5000
  • Bobes 2070
  • Burton 860
  • Inami 0187
  • Keeler SL33, SL-40
  • Marco – All G Series
  • Nidek SL-1600, SL-1800
  • Nikon CS-2
  • Reichert Xcel 250,  400 and 700
  • Shin Nippon SL-203
  • Takagi SM-70 and 90
  • Tomey TSL-3000
  • Topcon – All Models
  • Vasconcellos
  • Woodlyn HR3, HR5, SMM3, SMM5
  • Zeiss SL-30, SL-100, SL-115

This slit lamp adapter will convert from a Zeiss type to HS type by unscrewing one of the sides and screwing to the other. You need to do this quick change for this models of slit lamps:

  • Topcon SL-4D, 4ED, 4F, 5D and 5E

This slit lamp camera adapter attaches to a digital adapter for a Canon or Nikon SLR camera to build a perfect Kit to take Slit Lamp Digital Photography.

The TZ1 Slit Lamp Camera Adapter SET includes:

  • Beam Splitter DEC
  • Digital Adapter for Canon,Nikon or Sony
  • Digital Camera Canon SLR T5 or  Nikon SLR D3300
    • 18 mpx and HD Video
    • Connection HDMI for Screen LiveView
    • USB Connection to Computer for Live view
  • 32 GB Memory (Optional: Eye-FI Card)
  • Power adapter for Digital Camera
    • No need to charge battery daily.
  • Optional:
    • Wireless SD Card Eye-FI
      • Transfer images from your Camera to PC through Wifi.
    • Background Illumination
    • Database software for anterior photography

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Beam Splitter Only, Beam Splitter + Digital Adapter, Complete Digital Kit


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