Leica Microscope Beam Splitter Sets

Leica microscope beam splitter and camera sets will allow you to take pictures or high definition video from your Leica microscope and display it live on an external monitor or computer. Our kits include all you need; beam splitter, adapter for  SLR digital camera, or CCD Camera or video camera and camera and cables.

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The camera is easy to install and can be mounted onto a wide range of surgical microscopes. It is also compatible with various cameras, including DSLR and video cameras, making it easy to integrate with your existing equipment. The camera has a high-resolution sensor, ensuring images are clear and detailed.

The Leica beam splitter camera offers several benefits to anterior segment surgeons. Firstly, it allows multiple users to view the surgical field simultaneously without interfering with each other’s line of sight. This is particularly useful during training and teaching sessions and during complex surgeries where multiple surgeons may be working together.

Secondly, the camera provides high-quality, clear images of the surgical field. This is essential for accurate diagnosis and treatment of eye conditions and documentation and record-keeping purposes.

  • Leica Microscope Beam Splitter & Camera

    Leica Microscope Beam Splitter & Camera

  • Medical Video Recorder Teac

    Medical Video Recorder Teac UR-4MD