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D-Eye Ophthalmoscope: Interview with the inventor, Dr. Andrea Russo

Dr. Andrea Russo

This is a D-Eye review transcript of an exclusive interview with the italian inventor of the D-Eye Ophthalmoscope

The new D-Eye Ophthalmoscope , designed by Doctor Andrea Russo, allows to perform a screening of the retina through an optical device that attaches magnetically to the back camera of the most popular smartphones.

This allows to get high resolution pictures and video of the retina for further diagnosis. It includes a free App (iphone and android) that will guide the doctor step by step how to take the pictures. The App will store and share the patient’s information.

Although the D-Eye Ophthalmoscope has only launched in 2015, it’s been already featured in several publications:

Smartphone Ophthalmoscope

D-Eye has the support of the Si14 engineering center for the development of hardware and cloud based integration.  On January 22 D-Eye received an investment of 1.5 million euros for further development and distribution.

The founder Dr. Andrea Russo gives us more details in this interview:

How the idea of D-Eye Ophthalmoscope was born?

D-eye was born from the need to examine a large amount of retinas from patients with hypertension and diabetes. I had to overlook this process immediately after finished my ophthalmology specialization.  So I thought is will be useful to find a solution to help physicians do the exams themselves.

How does the device work?

The system uses the LED light from the smartphone with the D-Eye to perform ophthalmoscopy. A patented arrange of beam splitters, diaphragms, filters and mirrors optimize the exam for smartphones.

Does the D-Eye App integrate with the cloud?

D-Eye Application
D-Eye Application

Our app can be downloaded from the Apple and Google store. We are working on integrating it with a cloud system so you will be able to share the encrypted data between multiple users and locations.

Why was necessary the support from the Si14 technological center?

I was lucky to have investors for the project, but I would have to an entrepreneur 100% and not a doctor. The Padova’s group has provided me with the economic and technological support we need to keep practicing as an Ophthalmologist.

D-Eye Ophthalmoscope

Why D-Eye’s operations and research departments are in Italy, while marketing and development are in USA? Why have you chose an American CEO?

This is a requirement for any business that wants to expand to a global market. We needed a strong presence in the USA for this type of devices. It’s not a surprise that the USA is the first country to develop regulations for the security of shared medical records (HIPAA law)

What markets you want to reach with D-Eye?

Smartphone Ophthalmoscope

The main goal of D-Eye is to create a bridge between the population and the diagnostic instruments at the hospital level, and become a profitable exam for retinal diseases. Furthermore, it is a good solution to take ophthalmic exams to children, which are used to smartphones.

What benefits does the D-Eye bring to patients and doctors?

Greater portability (compared to the desktop equipment in the hospital) and ergonomics, much easier to use than a conventional ophthalmoscope. It’s more comfortable for the patients as the light is less intense that in the ophthalmoscope.

Congratulations on receiving your first investment from the Italian Venture Fund. Why do you think they chose D-Eye?

Thanks. Very proud!. The D-Eye system is probably one of the first to develop an integrate a cloud platform that will allow to share information with other medical equipment. This is a huge aggregated value to the device.

How do you think about the combination of start ups focused on research and social media? 

It is impossible to go against the social applications today. It’s a mutual symbiosis that should be exploited in the best way from both sides.



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