Zeiss Microscope Camera Adapter SET


The Microscope Camera Adapter DEC-Z1 is a Single Port, Horizontal Mount compatible with a Zeiss type surgical microscope.


  • Beam Splitter
  • Digital Adapter for C mount Camera
  • Cmount HD Camera and Cables



This Z1 Microscope Video Camera Adapter attaches to a CCD digital adapter and connects to your monitor for High Definition viewing or recording through a CCD Microscope Camera

You have the option to add a Video Capture card and software for your PC or iMac.

The Z1 Microscope Video Camera Adapter Kit includes:

  • Beam Splitter DEC
  • Digital Adapter for CCD Camera (VZ)
  • CCD Camera Sentech Full HD 1080p – SDI interface
  • Power and Connection cables to monitor
  • Optional:
    • Video Capture card to connect to PC or iMac from Microscope HD Camera
    • Software for Capture and Database software for PC or iMac
    • Upgrade to VZ2 Digital Adapter for Posterior Surgery – Sharper images.

Additional information


Beam Splitter Only, Beam Splitter + Digital Adapter, Complete Digital Kit

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