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Tax Code 179 for Ophthalmic Equipment

You have until Dec 31, 2016 to Write Off the full amount your equipment purchase!

Here is a snapshot of this Tax Code you can take advantage NOW

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3 Alternatives for Your Next Portable Slit Lamp Purchase

Portable slit lamps have come a long way in the last few years. They are no longer manufactured from low-quality plastic and lenses.

Now, you will find a refined, durable, and high-quality lens in its place with options for LED illumination or even full-color screens.

Illumination control and slit width are standard, and they weigh almost nothing. Perfect for applications in remote areas or bed patients and children.

Here we examine three options you should consider for your next hand-held slit lamp.

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D-Eye Ophthalmoscope Scores Well for Glaucoma Screening

Comparison of Smartphone Ophthalmoscopy with Slit-Lamp Biomicroscopy for Grading Vertical Cup-to-Disc Ratio

D-EYE, a leading developer of advanced devices for mass health screenings and data analytics is pleased to share the publication of a study comparing the D-EYE Ophthalmoscope  with slit lamp technology.

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D-eye Ophthalmoscope for Pediatric Examination – Case Study

“The D-EYE Retinal Imaging System efficiently captures quality photos of the posterior pole in situations where standard fundus photography was impractical” – Doctor Pihlblad

D-EYE Retinal Screening SystemPresented by Ross Eye Institute at the American Association of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Conference (AAPOS) 

D-Eye Ophthalmoscope Pediatric Case Study

PADOVA, Italy and PASADENA, Calif. – May 10, 2016– Matthew S. Pihlblad, MD and Steven G. Stockslager, MD, physicians from the Ross Eye Institute, Department of Ophthalmology, The State University of New York at Buffalo incorporated the D-EYE Smartphone Retinal Imaging System into a recent study to determine if the system was a beneficial alternative for fundus imaging in the pediatric population. The results of the study were presented to the American Association of Pediatric Ophthalmology (AAPOS) at the organization’s annual conference.

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D-Eye Ophthalmoscope: Interview with the inventor, Dr. Andrea Russo

This is a D-Eye review transcript of an exclusive interview with the italian inventor of the D-Eye Ophthalmoscope

The new D-Eye Ophthalmoscope , designed by Doctor Andrea Russo, allows to perform a screening of the retina through an optical device that attaches magnetically to the back camera of the most popular smartphones.

This allows to get high resolution pictures and video of the retina for further diagnosis. It includes a free App (iphone and android) that will guide the doctor step by step how to take the pictures. The App will store and share the patient’s information.

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Adaptador de iPhone para Lampara de Hendidura

Camara de iPhone 6

Voy a analizar las ventajas de usar un adaptador de iPhone para lampara de hendidura como tu herramienta principal para fotografía digital son muchas. , ademas de las diferentes opciones que encontraras en el mercado y trucos que te permitirán tomar mejores fotografías del ojo.

Probablemente ya tengas un “smartphone” en su bolsillo, y casi podría adivinar que es un iPhone, correcto? Y ademas, si eres curioso ya has tratado de tomar fotos con el usando tu lampara de hendidura a través del ocular.

¿Que fue lo primero que trataste de hacer cuando tuviste tu primer iPhone? Lo primero que yo hice fue tomar fotos.

La televisión no paraba de anunciar la nueva cámara del iPhone que prometía ser comparable a las cámaras compactas y que no necesitarías ninguna otra cámara adicional.

Así que tuve que probarla, y no me decepciono. En todos los nuevos modelos del iPhone que han salido desde entonces; el 3, 4, 4s, 5, 5s, etc, la cámara siempre ha sido uno de los principales focos de atención y a mejorado con cada modelo nuevo: desde los 3 megapixels de la primera versión hasta los 8 megapixels de hoy, sensores mas grandes, mejor enfoque y rapidez.

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Adaptador de Camara para Lampara de Hendidura – Una Opcion Solida para Fotografiar el Ojo

Adaptador de Camara para Lampara de Hendidura

Hasta hace poco tiempo el Optometrista tomaba fotos del segmento anterior del ojo enfocando con su camara compacta a través de los oculares de la lampara de hendidura.

Hoy en día tenemos disponible el adaptador de camara para lamparas de hendidura que se insertan directamente sobre el ocular o en lugar de este.

Estas cámaras compactas también te permitirán tomar vídeos, que son indispensables para fotografiar el fondo del ojo.

Podrías pensar que dada la popularidad y la constante mejora de calidad de las cámaras en los teléfonos móviles, son la mejor opción para fotografías del ojo, pero la mayoría del tiempo es mas rápido y conveniente tener una camara compacta dedicada a la fotografía oftalmológica.

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Fotografía con Lampara de Hendidura a tu alcance

El Increíble Ojo

Aun puedo recordar la primera vez que use una lampara de hendidura.

Después de verla y pensar “Que forma mas rara de este microscopio”, me senté en el banquillo y a través de los oculares vi al ojo humano como nunca lo había visto antes. Mi primer pensamiento fue “Increíble!”.

Con eso basto . Nunca vería a los ojos de la misma manera. Había descubierto la belleza y detalle del Increíble Ojo. 

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iPhone Slit Lamp Adapter – Full Review

iPhone 6 Camera

An intelligent way to take excellent slit lamp pictures is with an iPhone slit lamp adapter.

If you are a curious person, then by now, you have been trying to take pictures through your slit lamp with your iPhone, right?

I will detail the advantages of using an iPhone slit lamp adapter as your primary tool for digital photography, the different options you will find in the market, and how to use it to create fabulous pictures.

What did you try to do when you got your first iPhone? For me, it was the camera. The TV ads would not stop promoting the idea that this new iPhone would be the only camera we needed, so I had to test it—and I was not disappointed.

While Apple kept busy launching new versions of the iPhone, 3, 4, 4s, 5, 5s, etc., the camera has always been one of the main focuses of improvement: from the starting 3 megapixels on the first version to today’s 8 megapixels, bigger sensors, improved focus, and faster pictures.

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Slit Lamp Camera Adapter – A Solid Option for Eye Photography

Slit Lamp Camera Adapter

A few years ago

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, the optometrist took pictures of the anterior segment using a simple “point and shoot” camera and focused through the slit lamp eyepiece.

Today we have a slit lamp camera adapter that will plug in directly over the eyepiece or replace it. These compact cameras will also allow you to take videos useful for fundus photography.

We might think that due to the growing popularity and quality improvements on smartphone cameras, they are the best option for slit lamp examination. Still, most of the time, it will be faster and more convenient to dedicate a compact camera.

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