Canon CR-1 Mark II NM Fundus Camera Refurbished



This Canon CR-1 NM Fundus Camera Mark II includes a Digital Camera Canon DSLR 18 mpx, a HP Laptop with Canon software .

Complete system at an excellent price with 6 months warranty and remote training .

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This Refurbished Canon CR-1 NM Fundus Camera System includes:

  • Canon CR-1 NM Fundus Camera – Mark II
  • Digital Camera Canon DSLR 18 mpx
  • Retinaphile Software
  • PC
  • 6 months warranty
  • Remote Training

Specifications of the Canon CR-1 NM Fundus Camera – Mark II

Non Mydriatic Retinal camera , high quality imaging with ultra low flash intensity

Non Mydriatic retinal camera with 45° field angle. with dramatically decreased flash intensity; resulting in significantly shorter exams by minimizing the patient’s darkness adaptation period.

  • 45° Non Mydriatic Retinal camera
  • 2X digital zoom
  • Low flash mode
  • High quality retinal imaging
  • EOS camera
  • Ergonomic design with intuitive controls
  • Bundled Retinal Imaging Control Software
  • Open connectivity and DICOM compliant

45° Non Mydriatic Retinal Camera

With the CR-1 MkII you can obtain high quality and high resolution diagnostic images in a very easy way. A minimum pupil diameter of only ø 4.0 mm (ø 3.7 mm in Small Pupil mode) is required.

2X digital zoom

Besides the true 45 degree image , a 2 x digital magnification provides a magnified image of the retina for viewing the details of the area of interest.

Low flash mode

Ultra low Flash Intensity for more patient comfort and faster examinations.

The low flash intensity will make it possible to make faster examinations since the pupil almost does not shrink after the flash. So it will be possible to re- take photo’s or to take photos of both eyes in rapid sequence almost immediately. Especially beneficial when photographing elderly persons, who take long time to dilate again.

It will be easier to perform stereo photography ; when taking the 2 images for the stereo pair in rapid succession is very important. Otherwise the patient will cannot remain fixed on the target and the stereo effect will be poor .

And importantly the patients’ discomfort will be reduced ; your patients will appreciate the ultralow flash mode of the Mark II. It is even essential in case of patients with photophobia.

High quality retinal imaging

Canon’s expertise in the field of imaging technology and optics has resulted in the CR-1 MkII exceptional digital retinal imaging capabilities Combined with a EOS Digital SLR, the high resolution images can help the detection and monitoring of ocular conditions such as diapvetic retinopathy, glaucoma and macular degeneration.

EOS camera

The CR-1MkII is currently equipped with the EOS 50D with 15.1 Megapixel resolution. It could easily be exchanged for a future successor model, so you will not miss out on any future advancement in digital cameras.

Ergonomic design with intuitive controls

The CR-1 MKII is very compact and lightweight. The compact size reduces anxieties of patient against photography. With its short reaching distance it is easy for the photographer to observe the patient’s eye(s), to check the status of dilated pupil. The

Illuminated Operation Panel, enables easy operation in darkened rooms . The motorized chinrest makes it very easy to align the patient’s eye to the correct height.


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