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This used Retinomax Autorefractor has been checked and certified by an authorized. Perfect cosmetic and working condition with 90 days warranty.

What’s included with the Retinomax Autorefractor

  • Used Handheld Autorefractor Righton Retinomax 2
  • Printer
  • Charger Unit
  • Instruction Manual
  • Metallic Case

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Handheld Autorefractor Retinomax 2 Specifications

Auto Measurement & Auto Finish

Readings automatically begin as soon as the corneal dot passes through the alignment mark and stops when stable data is obtained, without pressing any keys. This makes readings easier and the results more reliable. The Retinomax 2 also includes the continuous mode option.

Melody Function

When the Melody Key is pressed, a melody plays to catch the attention of the patient just before measurement starts. This functions is useful for children and adults alike, allowing measurements to be taken in a relaxed environment.

2.5 mm Pupil diameter and Increased Accuracy

Expanded measurement range of -18D to +23D (S + C) and +- 12D (C).

Faster Measurement Time

Actual measurement time up to the indication of the result is now only 0.12 seconds. Faster readings minimize measurement errors caused by movement of the patient’s eyes.

Shorter Reaching Distance

The reaching distance is only 278 mm. This allows the operator to approach the patient closely, eliminating the need for assistance when requiring the child patient to look at the right position. The working distance is 50 mm.

Mire Ring

An improved Mire Ting, used to check astigmatism, is projected onto the corneal surface, making alignment simpler and faster.

Super Quick Mode

Speed of measurement in the Quick Mode has been increased from 0.14 to 0.07 seconds, while maintaining the same accuracy. Field test have shown that this mode is particularly useful for children and/or patients with nystagmus.


Measurement Range S -18D to +23D
C 0 to -12D, 0 to +12D
Axis: 1 to 180 deg
Increments Auto / 0.25D selectable
Axis: 1 degree
Measurement Area 2.5 mm
Measurement Modes Auto/Continuous/Quick
Measurement Time R: 0.12 sec per indication (0.0 sec in quick mode)
Mire Ting 18 points dot: 30 mm diameter
Fixation Target Tree or Bear target selectable at the time of purchase
Consistency Value 10 points
Pupil Observation Retro Mode
Reaching Distance 10.9 inch (278 mm)
Working Distance 2 inch (50 mm) from cover glass
Weight 3 lbs.





Retinomax Autorefractor – Handheld Autoefractor – Portable Autorefractor

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Weight 65 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 24 in

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