Slit Lamp Adapter for Canon DSLR Camera


The Slit Lamp Adapter will attach to a standard beam splitter port and to a Canon SLR Camera, becoming an anterior segment camera. (OPTIONAL: Nikon SLR and Sony SLR Cameras)

It is X-Y adjustable, Fine Focus Control for a sharper image. The camera position is adjustable.

It will fit any of our Slit Lamp Digital Kits

Optional: Slit Lamp Imaging Software, Footswitch for Canon SLR, LED Illumination lamp,

We have the adaptor for Sony NEX series too. Contact us for more information.


By Adding a Canon DSLR camera and a Beam splitter you can:

  • Connect the Camera directly to a PC, or HDMI Monitor or TV for LIVE VIEW.
  • The resolution of the camera will be 15 mpx or more
  • The camera models we include with the adapters will record video at 1080p (High Definition)
  • Any Canon  DSLR (mount type) is compatible.
  • You have the option of using a WIFI card to transfer the pictures to the PC directly (NO CABLES)
  • Ask about our SOFTWARE OPTION to handle and record patient images.
  • We have solutions for 99% of the slit lamps and Microscopes in the market. This beam splitter is compatible with all of them.

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