Slit Lamp Camera Adapter Set



The slit lamp camera adapter Set will allow to take high resolution (20 mpx) pictures and transfer them to your computer with an easy plug and play system.

This Set includes: Digital Adapter, Camera 20 mpx, 32 GB Memory and 3 sleeves (cover 90% of slit lamps).

In this video Dr. Aravind takes pictures and video of the fundus with a very similar system.

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The slit lamp camera adapter Set will replace the eyepiece of your slit lamp to take the best high resolution pictures!

No more taking out the case of our iphone to insert it in an adapter. This is a simple and practical system that will be always ready to shoot.

Main advantages of the slit lamp camera adapter:

  1. High Resolutions pictures with included camera (20 mpx). Convert to a digital slit lamp.
  2. You still can take fundus pictures using a diagnostic lens. (I advise to use video for fundus)
  3. Optional SD Card to transmit wirelessly to your computer.
  4. Ability to connect to TV for pictures showing and video play. (teaching applications)
  5. Compatible with most of the slit lamps (can be used in all your rooms)
  6. No need to use your personal Smartphone for pictures!

The Set includes:

  1. Slit Lamp camera piece adapter with base for compact camera
  2. Three sleeves for different diameters
    1. Adapter: 23.5 mm
    2. Sleeve 1: 25 and 28 mm
    3. Sleeve 2: 27 and 30.5 mm
    4. Sleeve 3: 29 and 30 mm
  3. Digital Camera Sony 20 mpx (Open box with 1 year warranty)
  4. Memory SD 32 Gb

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in