Topcon 3D OCT-2000 – Refurbished



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This Topcon OCT 3D Model 2000 is in excellent condition. Improved Optics and Pentium 3 or 4 PC. Fully networkable.

This is a Spectral Domain OCT and Fundus Camera Combo

Setup, training and 6 months warranty


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This Used  Topcon 3D OCT Model 2000 includes:

  • Topcon OCT 3D Model 2000
  • Table
  • PC  with Monitor and Mouse
  • 6 Months warranty
  • Setup and Training

Topcon OCT 3D Model 2000 Specifications

The Topcon 3D OCT-2000 Series is optimal for all eye care professionals.

The 3D OCT-2000 Series of spectral domain OCTs with high-resolution fundus cameras have been designed to meet the needs of a comprehensive fundus imaging device for all eye care professionals from the single doctor practice to a large university hospital.

TOP 3D 2000 1


  • Compare function: follow-up treatment
  • Wide scan 12×9 mm: perfect overview capture
  • Unique all-in-one OCT & fundus camera: patient-friendly, provides easy workflow
  • Small footprint: space saving
  • High-resolution images: OCT, true color fundus, and red free
  • Intuitive workflow: user friendly
  • Normative database: easy comparison
  • Glaucoma & Drusen analysis module: disease management and comprehensive screening
  • Auto focus, auto shoot, speed of capture: user and patient-friendly
  • Full network support
  • IMAGEnet i-base connection

Sophisticated OCT technology with Integrated Fundus Camera

Topcon 3D 2000 OCT
Topcon 3D 2000 OCT


50,000 A-scans/sec – Greater details in a shorter time

The enhanced 50,000 A-scans/sec allows for faster tomography acquisition and is available to produce clear cross-sectional retinal images.

Now, there are even more imaging variations, with the new 12×9 mm wide scan enabling the user to capture a wider area of the retina from the optic disc to the macula with a single shot. The 5-Line Cross Scan can also be a perfect solution for detailed screening and quick follow-up.

Moreover, Topcon’s “Enhanced Choroidal Mode” visualizes other internal structures, allowing much superior visualization of the interface between the choroid and sclera.

Data Analysis is now selectable from 2 formats—Fine and Basic—and can be performed quickly or in detail according to your purposes.

Stunning retinal images with an integrated high-resolution retinal camera

Combining OCT and color fundus camera in one unit, the Topcon 3D OCT-2000 line-up is perfected now with FA and FAF photography functions. Furthermore, digital Red-Free images can be displayed easily at the touch of a button.

Due to flexibly changeable ISO sensitivity, reduced flash level with crystal-clear fundus observation is available, reducing patient fatigue and miosis.

If the OCT image is only required, select “Color Photography OFF.”

3D OCT-2000 Designed to Provide Highly Accurate Data

Auto disc search function

It automatically detects the disc center, referring to the IR image. Tracking the disc center position contributes to better accuracy and scan positioning when circle scanning.

Auto disc center detection

After 3D scanning, the disc center is automatically detected.

Measurable scan range

  • 6×6 mm                   512×128
  • 4.5×4.5 mm           256×256
  • 3.3 mm                    256×256
Motion correction / Compensation / rescanning function

  • Motion correction – Corrects the Z direction movement.
  • Compensation function – Tracks the ocular and compensates the X direction movement.
  • Rescanning function – The scanning area may be missed due to Y-direction movement. In such a case, the rescanning function automatically activates.
topcon oct 3d
Auto fovea center detection

The 3D OCT-2000 Series can also automatically center the fovea to ensure accurate reporting and analysis.

IR Tracking

IR tracking utilizes the IR image during capture to overlap precisely the same place on the retina. If the scanned area moves, the rescanning function automatically refers to the first scanned image.


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