Topcon TRC-50EX Fundus Camera Refurbished


The Topcon TRC-50EX Fundus Camera comes upgraded to the new CloudCam Windows 8.1 software and Lenovo All-in-One touchscreen PC.

Includes new Nikon 5200 24.1MP high resolution digital camera back.

If you are using an older system with ImageNet, we can transfer all of your data and either use your existing camera base or take it in trade to save you money.

Autofluorescence also available.


  • Refurbished Topcon TRC-50EX Fundus Camera
  • Nikon 5200 24.1 MP digital camera back
  • Cloud based Imaging software
  • 21″ Lenovo All-in-One Touchscreen PC
  • Power Table
  • Full 1 year Warranty



Specifications of the Topcon TRC-50EX Fundus Camera

Topcon 50 EX Digital Image Ready TOPCON has applied the world’s most advanced technology to develop a retinal camera that is Digital Image Ready.

Generate bright, clear color or fluorescein retinal images that are immediately ready for digital analysis with the features of the TRC-50EX and the IMAGEnet 2000 system.

Cutting-edge microelectronics and optical designs of unmatched performance enable this system to take retinal images of exceptional resolution with stunning speed and simplicity.

Rely on the TOPCON TRC-50EX Fundus Camera for diagnostic analysis of the highest quality.

  • The Topcon 50EX is a Tri-Functional Retinal Camera for ICG infrared fluorescein angiography.
  • Precise and delicate control of flash intensity is vital to obtain maximum detail in digital imaging. The 50 EX provides 21-step adjustment of flash intensity to enable results optimized for all types of fundus imaging.
  • The eyepiece of the Topcon TRC-50EX Fundus Camera is especially designed for high and wide eyepoint viewing to make alignment and focusing fast, easy and comfortable
  • All control functions of the 50 EX are built into a centralized panel of the retinal camera base, which results in immediate and convenient access and enables one-hand operation. Without turning away from the observation point, the operator can easily control the instrument. Fluorescein filter insertion, timer activation, control of observation illumination, flash intensity and mode selection can all be accomplished. A digital LED panel provides all required information from timer control to Left / Right Eye detection, flash intensity and umber of images taken; all essential data for today’s busy operator.
  • Pupils with a diameter as small as 4.5mm, are not a problem for Topcon TRC-50EX Fundus Camera with the small pupil device it is possible to generate clear and bright fundus photographs of small pupil patients. This makes it easy to obtain retinal images of diagnostic quality of even the most difficult patients.
  • Green alignment dots provide easy confirmation of working distance and are extremely helpful for pre-injection positioning in fluorescein angiography.
Angle of coverage 50°, 35°, and 20°
Working distance 39mm
Photographic magnifications With 35mm camera at zero diopter: 1.84X at 50°, 2.45X at 35° and
4.28X at 20°
Total observation magnification (at 0 diopter) 10X at 50°, 13.3X at 35° and
23.3X at 20°
Diopter compensation range for patient’s eye 0 setting: -10 to +6 diopter
– setting: -9 to -23 diopter
+ setting: +5 to +23 diopter
A setting: +22 to +41 diopter (Ocular anterior photography)
Working distance adjustment Two luminescent spots are used for guidance

Fluorescein angiography

FAG Type filter

ICG angiography

TRC-50IX: IA filter
TRC-50EX: –

Red free photography

Green filter

Other filters

TRC-50IX: One additional setting for inserting filters of user’s choice.
TRC-50EX: Two blank settings for inserting filters of user’s choice.
Finder Diopter correction range: -6D to +5D
Stereo Photography ±1mm
Illumination diaphragm Three step changing system for patient’s pupil size.
Data photography Two modes are available. Each mode has four types of data display available.
The individual data mode is matched with the shutter action of the 35mm camera.

Counter Mode

1. Counter Number + Photographic Angle + Right or Left Eye Indicator
2. Counter Number + Name Plate (hand written data)
3. Timer + Photographic Angle + Right or Left Eye Indicator
4. Timer + Name Plate (hand written data)

ID Mode

1. Twelve Numbers
2. Six Numbers + Name Plate (hand written data)
3. Timer + Six Numbers
4. Timer + Name Plate (hand written data)
Optical head swing Up to ±30° of the arc lateral swing
Optical head tilt 15° up / 10° down
Light source For observation: 12V  100W halogen lamp
For photography: Max 300WS xenon lamp; adjustable in 21 steps
Charging time: 1 second
Power supply unit AC 120V, AC 220V, AC 230V, and
AC 240V adjustable with voltage selector
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power consumption MAX.2000VA / NORMAL 150VA
Dimensions (Main Body) 340(W) x 505(D) x 589(H)mm
Weight (Main Body) 37kg

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