Topcon TRC-50IX Fundus Camera Digital Set Used


This Topcon TRC-50IX  Fundus Camera Digital System is in perfect condition with 6 months warranty.


  • Used Topcon TRC-50IX  Fundus Camera – FA/ICG
  • Digital Attachment with camera
  • PC with Imagenet 2000
  • Monitor and accessories.
  • 6 months warranty in all parts

Complete system at an excellent price with 6 months warranty

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Specifications of the Topcon TRC-50IX Fundus Camera

High-end retinal camera for Color, FAG, Red-free & ICG photography’s. The finest optical performance featuring full digital capability assures superb image to enhance every clinical efficiency.

Topcon TRC-50IX Fundus Camera The ultimate camera for all photographic applications!

This tri-functional camera sets the standard for ICG, fluorescein, and color imaging, and is designed with the added flash settings necessary for today’s sensitive digital cameras.

A large eyepiece and alignment dots enable the photographer to easily and comfortably align the camera. Superior optical coatings eliminate flare and assure maximum image quality.

  • By linked with IMAGEnet2000, wide variety of digital imaging system can be configured at user’s preference and offers clinical versatility with unparallel image quality.
  • Image data is automatically transmitted together with left/right eye indicator coding and coverage angle.
  • 21-steps adjustment of flash intensity enables results optimized for retina photography.
  • Well organized operation panel allows immediate access to all controls in the Topcon TRC-50IX Fundus Camera.


Angle of coverage 50°,35°, and 20°
Working distance 39mm
Photographic magnifications With 35mm camera at zero diopter : 1.84X at 50°, 2.45X at 35° and 4.28X at 20°
Total observation magnification (at zero diopter) 10X at 50°, 13.3X at 35°, and 23.3X at 20°
Diopter compensation range for patient’s eye 0 setting : -10 to +6 diopter
– setting : -9 to -23 diopter
+ setting : +5 to +23 diopter
A setting : +22 to +41 dioptor (Ocular anterior photography)
Filters Fluorescein angiography : Spectrotech (Spectrotech type) interference filters
ICG angiography : IA filter
Red free photography : Green filter
Other filters : One additional setting for inserting filters of user’s choice
Finder Diopter correction range : -6D to +5D
Stereo Photography ±1mm
Optical head swing Up to ±30° of the arc lateral swing
Light source For observation : 12V 100W halogen lamp
For photography : Max 300WS Xenon lamp ; adjustable in 21 steps
Charging time : 1 second
Optical head tilt Upward 15°to Downward 10°
Power supply unit AC 120V, AC 220V, AC230V, and AC 240V adjustable with voltage selector
Frequency 50 / 60Hz
Power consumption MAX 2000VA / Normal 150VA
Dimensions (Main body) 340(W) × 505(D) × 589(H)mm
Weight (Main body) 37Kg


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