Fundus Camera CloudCAM Kit



With our Unified Imaging™ CloudCAM kit you will be able to capture fundus camera pictures from your retinal camera,transfer them and review in our All in One Touchscreen PC.

What’s included in the CloudCAM Kit:

  • Nikon D5200 or Canon 70D DSLR Digital Camera
  • Digital Adapter for Retinal Camera
  • Lenovo Flex 20′ All in One PC
  • Custom Interface Cable (Required for use with Topcon models)
  • Pre installed ImageAnywhere software


The Unified Imaging™ CloudCAM kit allows you to capture fundus photography from your own retinal camera and transfer them to the provided All in One PC. Once there you can use our ImageAnywhere software  to review, compare and save them under each patient’s name.

All the information and images and saved locally on the PC and uploaded to the Cloud for secure backup.

How the CloudCAM Kit works

Our CloudCAM system uses our proprietary Windows based software solution to allow you to capture, review and compare fundus camera photos easily.

This software comes pre-installed and ready to use with the included All-in-One Touchscreen PC that we include. The PC is compatible with the most popular Canon and Nikon digital camera backs.

All the patient’s data and images are saved locally and backed up in the cloud. So you don’t have any risk of ever losing it.

Integration with other fundus camera equipment

Our PC and software is completely compatible with your existing or the provided Digital camera back with the digital fundus camera. As soon as you connect the PC and the camera, the software will recognize brand and model and you will be ready to take fundus pictures.

You can also integrate other diagnostic equipment like Visual fields or OCTs to the safe patient’s file, by using our “ConnectLink” solution. Then you will be able to access all the information and images for every patient everywhere, even if they were taken on different equipment.

CloudCam integrates with most fundus cameras that utilize a Nikon or Canon digital camera back. Currently recommended models are the Nikon D5200 or Canon 70D.

Currently supported retinal camera integrations:

Topcon Fundus Cameras
Topcon NW6S
Topcon 50EX
Topcon 50IX
Topcon 50IA
Topcon 50DX

Canon Fundus Cameras
Canon DGI
Canon CR-1


All images and patient’s information is stored locally on the PC and backed up on the cloud.

You can alter the thumbnails of the most recent photos for a quick analysis.  If you have various locations with CloudCam you can view all the information captured from your retinal camera from any station

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

For Non-Myd Fundus Camera, Mydriatic Fundus Camera