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This used Retinomax Autorefractor has been checked and certified by an authorized.  90 days warranty. We have the Autorefractor and Keratometer models. Contact us for our handheld autorefractor price

What’s included with the Retinomax Autorefractor

  • Used Handheld Autorefractor Retinomax 3
  • Printer
  • Charger Unit
  • Instruction Manual
  • Metallic Case

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Handheld Autorefractor Retinomax 3 Specifications

Much Lighter and has a thinner grip

Weighing just under one kg, the main body with battery is over 17% lighter in the case of the Retinomax Autorefractor K-plus 3 and 11% lighter in the case of the Retinomax 3 than conventional Retinomax Series models.

The Retinomax Series 3’s center of gravity is in the grip, making if feel much lighter than it actually is.

Auto Quick measurement

If no measurement is made within six seconds, the unit automatically enters Quick mode.

Measurement is then taken in 0.07 seconds. In Auto Quick model, “AQ” appears on printouts.

Parallel sensor detects inclination of main body and displays value

Unlike conventional methods, in which operators guess levelness, levelness can be detected digitally with the use of the unit’s parallel sensor.

Levelness is displayed on the monitor in every 2 deg pitch up to 12 degrees, and every 3 deg pitch up to 45 deg. (This is only displayed in the standing position.

No levelness display appears when the patient is lying down.)

Auto pupil measurement, display and printout

The Retinomax Autorefractor unit measures pupil size automatically, displays the X (horizontal) size on the monitor, and prints out the XY (horizontal and vertical) sizes separately.

These results can be used as reference for checking accommodation, mydriasis, ADIE and Horner-associated syndrome, etc.

The user can choose to print out either all the data or representative values only.

Alignment indicator display

Indicators showing alignment directions are displayed on the monitor to facilitate alignment. The Mire ring makes focusing much easier in the Retinomax autorefractor.

Two memory functions

  1. Data from the last measurement is automatically saved after the Retinomax 3 is turned off. The last patient data can be recalled by pressing the PRINT key. The data can be transferred wirelessly to a printer.
  2. Press the MEMORY key for more than one second to enter Memory Set. Here you can save the data of up to 50 patients (100 eyes) in 10, 20, 30 and 40 patient steps. Data can also be printed out with Memory Set. For measurements, first press the MEMORY key to enter Memory mode. After each measurement, press PRINT to save individual patient data. This avoids the possibility of single-eye readings being mixed up. In normal readings, numbers are assigned in series. However, in Memory mode, saved data is numbered from “1”.

Achieving long and continuous use

With the adoption of a lithium ion battery, continuous operational time has been extended to approximately 80 minutes. The Retinomax autorefractor station has an AC adapter, allowing it to be connected to the main body with a DC cord (optional) to enable extended continuous operation. This facilitates screening, as well as use in an operating room.

Fixation intensity is automatically lowered for pupils less than 3 mm in size

The minimum pupil measurement size in Auto Quick mode is 2.3 mm. If a pupil is less than 3.0 mm, the fixation target intensity is automatically reduced by 45% to avoid pupil contraction. The intensity can also be reduced with the fixation intensity key.

Extended diopter adjustment range

The diopter adjustment range has been extended to +-8D

Quick startup and fast printout

The main body takes only four seconds to start after power is turned on (60% faster than conventional models). Printout time has been reduced by 45%

Retinomax 3 retro illumination mode

The Retinomax 3 includes the retro illumination mode for observation of the inside of the pupil. Accordingly, the only major difference between the Retinomax 3 and the Retinomax K-Plus 3 is the adoption of kerato functions (including peripheral kerato readings).

Additional Info

Retinomax Autorefractor – Handheld Autoefractor – Portable Autorefractor

Additional information

Weight 65 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 24 in

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