Topcon KR-7000P Autorefractor Keratometer Topographer – Used

This used Topcon Autorefractor Keratometer Topographer KR-7000P provides accurate refraction, keratometry measurements and corneal mapping in a compact design.


  • Used Topcon KR-7000P Autorefractor Keratometer Topographer
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Used Topcon KR-7000P Autorefractor Keratometer and Corneal Mapping Features

Simple Operation for Fast & Accurate Results


This innovative function automatically starts the measurement process once the instrument is properly aligned. When proper alignment is maintained the instrument will automatically take three readings of each eye. Once readings are taken on both eyes on the Topcon KR-7000P , a hard-copy printout is automatically generated.

Scenic Fixation Chart

Each instrument incorporates a vivid four color landscape chart which aids in maintaining patient fixation. The automatic fogging function reduces the effects of instrument myopia and patient accommodation. The fixation chart has two levels of brightness to optimize measurement results on smaller pupils.

Omni-Directional Joystick

This new instrument continues the Topcon tradition of quick, responsive instrument control through an omni-directional joystick. Even notive operators can easily obtain accurate measurements with one hand, while leaving the other hand free for other functions.

A New Standard of Precision

The Topcon KR-7000P innovative design and proprietary software assures the user unprecedented accuracy and reliability. Precise calculations are derived from the unique retinal image to provide reliable findings of sphere, cylinder, and axis measurements.

Fully Reliable Measurements for All Patients

Minimal 2.5 mm Pupil Dilation

Taking full advantage of Topcon’s sophisticated optical technology, the KR-7000P is able to obtain accurate refractive readings through pupil diameters as small as 2.5 mm. This feature simplifies measurements with elderly patients and patients taking medication.

Data Transfer

The KR-7000P is supplied with two RS-232C connectors. One connector can receive data from the auto-lensmeter (data in) while the second connector can transfer the recorded information to external devices (data out).

These functions allow the instrument to effectively work in a networking environment (*The corneal mapping data can not be transferred.)

Hard Copy Printouts

With one touch of the Print switch in the Topcon KR-7000P , the operator can obtain a complete hard copy record of the test results. Refractive and keratometric measurements can be combined with the corneal mapping printout to provide detailed diagnostic information.

Complete Assessment of the Cornea

An assessment of the cornea surface can be made by observing the regularity of the nine Placido rings that are projected on to the front surface of the cornea. If desired, this image can be printed out.

The more clinically useful procedure will be to obtain a grey-scale printout of the cornea, which is derived by calculating the variations in contours from the projected Placido rings.

This valuable mapping information allows for confident diagnosis of corneal pathology including diagnosis of all types of astigmatism, keratoconus, contact lens-induced corneal distortion, preoperative surgical evaluations and post-operative follow-up with the Topcon KR-7000P

Simultaneous Measurement of Corneal Curvature

The KR-7000P provides precise measurement of corneal curvature. Either Central or Central/Peripheral measurements can be selected with up to eight peripheral points being analyzed.

Cornea Diameter Measurement

The patient’s corneal diameter can be measured by using either the live image on the monitor or by a “still” image that can be recalled on the monitor. Measurements can be obtained for both eyes and if desired, the information can be recorded on the hard-copy printout.

Improved Functional Convenience

Automatic Shut-Off

When the Topcon KR-7000P is left idle for more than 5 minutes, the power is automatically shut-off to the monitor and internal circuitry. This conserves energy and increases the useful life of electrical components.

Automatic PD Measurement

The instrument automatically computes the PD measurement when binocular readings are taken. This value is then printed out together with the results of the objective testing.

Triple Functions

Autorefractometer Function

The refractive readings are based on Topcon’s well known standards of excellence and advanced opto-electronic technology. Up to 10 readings per eye can be obtained with average value and spherical equivalent data being calculated. This information can be printed out in three different formats.

Auto Keratometer Function

The keratometer function provides precision measurements of both central and peripheral areas of the cornea. The Placido ring system is used to obtain the data, thus giving extremely precise measurement values for corneal curvature.

Corneal Mapping Function

The corneal mapping system in the Topcon KR-7000P has the capability of displaying the Placido rings on the monitor, and offers the clinically valuable grey-scale corneal map for evaluating corneal pathology.

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