Topcon KR 8000 Autorefractor Keratometer – Used



This used Topcon KR 8000 autorefractor keratometer has been checked and certified by an authorized Topcon technician. Perfect cosmetic and working condition with 90 days warranty.

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What’s included

  • Used Topcon KR 8000 Autorefractor Keratometer
  • Power Cable
  • Instruction Manual

Used Topcon KR 8000 Specifications

The innovative design of this used Topcon KR-8000 enables accurate, reliable refraction and keratometric measurements within a pupil dilation as narrow as 2.0mm. This means easier and more precise diagnostic results when dealing with glaucoma, asymmetric pupils, or elderly patients.

Totally reliable and totally accurate with Topcon’s Rotary Prism Measuring System, our advanced rotary prism principle is able to obtain highly reliable data. The off-centered ring target is able to measure areas previously occluded by a small pupil. The prism angle enables a much wider fundus area to be measured. Accordingly, the measurement image provides extremely reliable data.

  • Objective Refractometer Mode Sphere -25 to +22D in 0.25D step (0.12D step available)
  • Cylinder 0 to ±8D in step 0.25D (0.12D step available)
  • Axis 1° to 180° in 1° and 5° step
  • Minimal pupil diameter 2.0mm ø
  • Method of relaxation Automatic fogging Charts for object testing
  • Picture Corneal Curvature Mode Corneal curvature radius 5.00mm thru 10.00mm
  • Refraction index 1.3375
  • Corneal refraction 67.5D thru 33.75D
  • Corneal astigmatism 0D thru ±10D
  • Corneal astigmatism axial angle 1° thru 180°
  • Measuring area 3mm with 7.7mm radius
  • Measuring Step Corneal curvature radius 0.01 mm
  • Corneal refraction 0.12 / 0.25D
  • Corneal astigmatism 0.12 / 0.25D
  • Corneal axis angle 1° / 5°
  • The used topcon kr 8000 has a PD measurement range 85mm max. in 1 mm step
  • Measuring start Auto Start and Manual Corneal diameter measurement (Pupil diameter) Yes (Range; 2-13mm / Step; 0.25mm)
  • Measurement display TV monitor screen
  • Measurement recording Built-in printer (Up to 10 measurements of each eye can be stored in memory)
  • Alignment Screen display Vertex distance 0, 12.0 and 13.75mm (selectable)
  • Energy saving Automatic switch off when left unused after 10 minutes
  • IOL Special IOL switch to adjust to circumstances of IOL wearers
  • Power supply 100, 120, 220, 240V Output RS-232C Weight 19kg.
  • Dimensions 275(W) X 475(D) X 450(H) mm. for the used Topcon KR 8000

Additional Information

Topcon KR 8000PA Supra Brochure

Additional information

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