Frey Slit Lamp SL-110 – Zeiss Type

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The new LED slit lamp by FREY® . is designed for very high performance and reliability. High-quality optics assure excellent image quality and resolution. The lamp addresses the need for new technologies by integrating eye illumination and digital camera control electronics and features and an innovative LED illumination system.

  • 1-year warranty
  • Manufactured in Poland with high-quality optics.

Check the Proprietary HD Digital System for this Slit Lamp


Optional Digital System

Ease of Use

SL FRE 100 3The Frey slit lamp SL-110 comes with all the elements important for the demanding user.

The yellow filter is integrated into the optical body of the microscope, you can easily drop it in whenever you are looking for subtle corneal staining.

The diffuser mounted on the column can be easily inserted into the slit illumination path for an improved general overview of the eye.

Digital Camera ready

SL FRE 100 5

The SL-100 Frey Slit Lamp integrates all the components and cabling required for connecting and controlling the proprietary digital camera system.

The push button is embedded into the joystick and the eye illumination system control electronics integrated assures there will not be any need of upgrades to add the camera system.

All connectors and cables for the camera connection are hidden in an elegant way to improve ease of use.

LED Illumination System

SL FRE 100 4The Frey slit lamp LED illumination source eliminates heat and infrared emissions associated with traditional light sources.

Emitted color temperature is independent of its intensity to guarantee a bright and clear picture.

The lifecycle of a LED is longer than 50,000 working hours, this eliminates bulb replacement. The electronic circuit controlling the LED light intensity is highly precise for the best slit light performance and control.


Stunning Optical Quality

Endothelial Cells
Endothelial cells captured with FREY Digital Slit Lamp (click to enlarge photo)

Corneal endothelium consists of a single layer of tiny hexagonal cells.

The specular reflection illumination technic is used to observe the cornea posterior surface (endothelium).

The stunning optical quality of FREY slit lamp features advanced high-sensitivity and high-resolution camera sensors to deliver superb image quality, capturing the finest of detail and visualization of individual endothelium cells.

Optional: Infrared Filter

Meibomian glandsA leading cause of dry eye, Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) affects the essential oil layer of the eye’s tear film, causing tears to evaporate too quickly.

For optimal treatment MGD must be clinically observed and diagnosed with certainty and clarity, allowing eye care professionals to prescribe the most appropriate treatment.

A diagnostic method for MGD is an examination with a digital slit lamp equipped with infrared light (IR light source). Infrared light is not visible to human eyes. To observe the image, IR sensitive camera and a display are clinically essential.

FREY digital slit lamps are equipped with an optional IR illumination source to visualize MGD with superb clarity, without causing patient discomfort. FREY hi-res IR sensitive camera quickly acquires greyscale images of Meibomian gland structures for early diagnosis of MGD.

Technical Specs



Minimum slit opening
0 mm
Slit maximum lenght
14 mm
Continuously adjustable slit length
1.8 – 14 mm continuously variable
Slit projection scale
1.2 x
Slit aperture diaphragms
0.2/ 1/ 3/ 5.5/ 9/ 14 mm
clear, blue, natural density, yellow, diffuser, red-free
Slit rotation
0° – 180° with a reference scale
Vertical slit tilting angles
0°/ 5°/ 10°/ 15°/ 20°
Working distance – eye of patient/ prism surface
75 mm
Fixation lamp
green lamp
Chin-rest height adjustment
59 mm
Base travel
103 mm X–axis, 100 mm Y–axis, 35 mm Z–axis


Microscope type
Convergent binocular optical microscope @ 8°
Magnification power selection system
Five position rotating drum
12.5 x
Magnifying powers
6x/ 10x/ 16x/ 25x/ 40x
Field of view [mm]
36/ 22/ 14/ 9/ 5.6
Distance between pupils
48.5 – 80 mm
Objective lens working distance
111 mm
Objective lens working angle
Eyepiece diopter adjustment
from -5D to +5D


Additional information

Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 24 in