Microscope Camera Adapter Cmount – Full HD



The Microscope Video Camera C-mount Adapter VZ2  attaches to a standard beam splitter port and a CCD Microscope Camera. It is designed for POSTERIOR surgery with depths of F50mm, F65mm, or F80 mm and higher light sensitivity, perfect for darkroom operations.

  • Designed for 1/3″ & C-mount CCD Cameras
  • Full HD Definition ( 1920 * 1080P)
  • Fine Focus Control
  • Iris adjusting

Fits any of our Slit Lamp Digital Kits or Microscope Kits


Video of Posterior Surgery with microscope camera C-mount VZ2:

A C-mount adapter is a device used to connect a camera to a microscope. The name “C-mount” refers to the size of the thread on the adapter, which is 1 inch in diameter. The thread on the adapter is used to screw the adapter onto the microscope, thus providing a secure and stable connection between the camera and the microscope.

There are several benefits to using a microscope C-mount adapter, including:

  1. Improved Image Quality: Using a C-mount adapter can significantly improve the quality of the images captured by the camera. The adapter helps to reduce image distortion and provides a more stable and secure connection between the camera and the microscope.
  2. Increased Flexibility: Using a C-mount adapter allows for greater flexibility when positioning the camera in relation to the microscope. The adapter can be adjusted to various positions, giving the user a better angle for capturing images.
  3. Compatibility: Using a C-mount adapter allows for using different types of cameras with the same microscope. This provides the user with greater versatility and allows for different cameras for different applications.

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