Topcon KR 800S Auto Kerato-Refractometer w/subjective and glare testing – Used



This Topcon KR 800S Auto kerato-refractometer incorporates the latest design technology and ergonomics.

The unit features five-in-one functionality: accurate, objective measurements (Ref, KRT, R/K), subjective VA measurement for far and near distance, glare test, grid test, and contrast test.


  • Topcon KR 800S Auto kerato-refractometer
  • Power cable and test eye

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Topcon KR 800S 5-in-1 Auto Kerato-Refractometer

Auto Kerato-Refractometer with subjective & glare testing

It incorporates Topcon’s exclusive Rotary Prism technology for unparalleled precision and reliability. Furthermore, the KR-800 “S” is unique in its ability to measure subjective VA for both far & near distances. It also features additional subjective test modes, including a glare test, grid chart test, and contrast test.

Topcon KR 800S

Easy to see & operate

Wide 8.5-inch Touchscreen Control Panel

A wide 8.5-inch color touchscreen panel features clear, easy-to-read icons.

Smooth Movement

Topcon’s latest engineering techniques have reduced the weight of the KR-800S by 23% compared to KR-800. This contributes to a smoother unit operation, a more fluid measuring process, and more accurate results.

Easy Load Printer

You don’t need to feed paper through the roller. Just drop the paper in and print.

Exclusive Topcon Rotary Prism Technology

Unique Technology for Unparalleled Accuracy

The unique Rotary Prism Technology, exclusive to Topcon, allows unparalleled precision and reliability. This system measures an area of the retina while permitting measurements through pupils as small as 2mm in diameter.

1 – Objective Measurement

top kr800s2

Step 1

Check that [OB} button is highlighted in orange.

Step 2

Using the omnidirectional joystick, align the white dot in the center of the orange box.

Step 3

When the alignment arrows disappear, the auto-shoot function is performed.

top kr800s3

2 – Subjective VA Measurement for Far & Near Testing

Step 1

Check that the [SBJ] button is highlighted in orange. Select whether to measure far or near-distance visual acuity.

Step 2

By selecting the [REF] or [CL] button, you can check a patient’s visual acuity using values from the KR-800S or a connected topcon computerized lensmeter. The spherical lens can be changed in 0.25D steps.

Step 3

You can change the visual acuity chart by tapping the chart selection button. Ask the patient to read the lowest possible line. When the visual acuity value is determined, tap the “VA” button.

top kr800s4

*Changeable near distance is 33cm, 40cm, 50cm or 60cm.

When the Topcon brand lensmeter is connected, the data measured with the lensmeter is displayed on the CL data. *If no lensmeter data exists, The “NoCL” sign and “0.00” are displayed.

3 – Glare Test

top kr800s5 Tap the “Glare” button to activate the Glare test. Once visual acuity is determined, tap the “VA” button, and the value is displayed.

*Glare test is only available when subjective far distance measurement is selected.

4 – Grist Test**

top kr800s6 Tap the “VA check/Grid check” button, and a grid chart will appear onscreen. Instruct the patient to look at the center and four corners of the grid. Ask the patient if the grid is blurry, dim, or missing lines. Tap the position(s) on the grid corresponding to the patient’s answer. Once the test is complete, open all data displays, and the grid test results will be displayed.

**Grid test is only available when subjective near-distance measurement is selected.

5 – Contrast Test***

top kr800s7 Tap the “Contrast” button, and the background illumination button will appear on the left side of the control panel. Adjust the contrast by pressing the + or – buttons until you obtain the lowest contrast value the patient can read (their current subjective VA). The contrast % can be changed from 2.5% ~ 100%.

***Contrast test is only available when subjective far distance measurement is selected.

Printout Sample

top kr800s8

top kr800s9

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