Used Righton Speedy-K2 Autorefractor Keratometer



This used Righton Speedy-K2 Autorefractor Keratometer provides accurate refraction, keratometry measurements in a compact design.  60 days full warranty. Contact us for our autorefractor keratometer price.


  • Used Righton Speedy-K2 Autorefractor Keratometer with 60 days warranty
  • Power Cable
  • Instruction Manual

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Used Righton Speedy-K2 Autorefractor Keratometer Features

  • Measurement speed is 30% faster than Speeky -K (REF: 125 ms/7 times, KER: 260 ms/1 time)
  • Measurement begins immediately after alignment.
  • Continuous measurement, auto and continuous peripheral kerato measurement.
  • PD auto detection.

Resting State of accommodation function

Speedy-K2 displays spherical equivalent values as graphs that are continuously measured every 30 seconds. The resting state of accommodation is automatically calculated and printed out.

Selective foggins method

In addition to normal fogging, more precise fogging is possible by selecting A2 using the measurement mode key.

This kind of fogging is useful for reading the eyes of patients with unstable eyes, etc.

Auxiliary Funtions for stable measurement.

  • Righton original unique fixation system
    • The light intensity can be chanced with 3 steps. H( High) is added to measure unstable pupils. The unique fireworks picture chart enables astigmatism patients to focus on any of the meridian lines so that the patient can follow the picture.
  • Pupil size measurement.
    • Pupil size can be measured during a refractiong reading to allow for differences in eye pigmentation
  • Auto Quick model and manual switch mode
    • Automatically starts even faster, a useful feature for restless patients, such as children and patients unaccustomed to treatment.
    • When slower measurement is needed for any reason, manual switch mode is available by setting Auto Start to off, then measurement starts only when the joystick’b button is pressed.
  • Cornea diameter can be also measured (0-16 mm)
  • Auto calculation of residual astigmatism
    • During REF/KER measurement, residual astigmatism is automatically calculated and printer out. This is necessary for astigmatic contact lens prescriptions and astigmatic IOL.
  • Retro Illumination mode
    • When measurement is unstable, opaque media such as cataracts can be detected using the monitor.
  • Easy to operate 5.7 inch color LCD touch panel
  • LCD with 45 degree tilt for free measurement posture
    • The LCD can be tilted (-0.45 degrees) allowing the examiner to conduct measurements from a staind gor seated position.
  • Save measurement data of up to 50 patients.

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