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Topcon KR 8000PA Specifications

70% Faster on Mapping Output

The time required for the calculation/print out of mapping has been cut down by 70% due to the latest CPU and sophisticated algorithms applied to Topcon KR 8000PA Supra. Also, the total time for 5 measurements (kerato-refractometry) of both eyes and print-out including mapping has been cut down by more than 50%.

The World’s Smallest Pupil Dilation: 2.0 mm

The innovative design of the Topcon KR 8000PA Supra enables accurate, reliable refraction and keratometric measurements within a pupil dilation as narrow as 2.0 mm. This means easier and more precise diagnostic results when dealing with glaucoma, asymmetric pupils or elderly patients.


The 3D auto-alignment system offers easy operation and speedy measurement in which a precise focus is automatically obtained without any skill.


The Topcon KR 8000PA Supra offers Auto-start function. As soon as the instrument is properly aligned, this innovative function initiates the measurement process and completes three readings of each eye. When the readings are complete, a printout of measurements results is automatically generated.

Mapping / Overlay Topcon KR 8000PA

The Topcon KR 8000PA Supra provides accurate refraction and keratometry measurements. It also displays corneal mapping very quicky and even overlays the mapping output onto the anterior segment by a single touch

Wider Measuring Area

Now with the KR 8000PA Supra, wider area of 1.5mm ~ 9.2mm can be measured using 10 placido rings ( in case of R=8mm).

Base Curvature Advice

Based on the mapping data, the KR 8000PA Supra advises the base curvature for the contact lens. The KR 8000PA Supra reconstruct corneal shape from mapping data of the whole cornea obtained by the projected placido rings. The internal software calculates the radius of curvature of a circle consisting of 3 points (2 optic zone ends and corneal peak on the same meridian).

This is done for totally 4 meridians to assure the best BC. This method has proven to be effective even in case of keratoconus.

Corneal Irregularity Detection

In case of corneal irregularity, the placido ring projected on the cornea will be sort of distorted. However, if the irregularity is not substantial, it will not be noticeable. The KR 8000PA Supra detects corneal irregularity like irregular astigmatism and gives a marking to attract the operator’s attention.

Scenic Fixation Chart

This scenic color chart is adjustable in two brightness level of optimal results with large or small pupils, making eye fixation easier.

Omni-Directional Joystick

Fast, positive and responsive control of operations is performed with our omni-directional joystick that leaves the user one hand free to operate other functions. Even novice operators can obtain excellent results. Also for the KR 8000PA supra the vertical movement is electric and corresponds to the rotation of the joystick.

Auto Shut-Down

To conserve energy and prevent any built-up of heat from electronic circuitry, the instrument incorporates an automated function to shut down the instrument when left unused for more than 10 minutes.

Automatic PD Measurement

For binocular readings, PD measurement is performed automatically, the value obtained is stored in the patient’s data file and printer out together with the results of objective tests.

Corneal Diameter Measurement

Corneal diameter can be measured either during testing of the patient or later by recalling an image of the cornea on the monitor. Measurements can be obtained for both eyes, with the data recorded on the printouts if required.

Optional Color Mapping 32 Software

Fluorescein Pattern

In combination with the Color Mapping 32 software, the KR 8000PA Supra provides simulation of contact lens fitting. From the contact lens shape and the measured cornea shape, the software simulates the fluo pattern. This can be an assistance in selecting contact lenses by inputting the parameters of the lens (spherical, aspherica, toric). In addition, curvature and eccentricity for contact lens fitting practice.

Versatile Color Mapping Software

The easy to use color mapping 32 software assist the more detailed mapping information. Single, multiple and differential mappings can be generated to compare the information for the pre-screening and post operative follow-up.

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