Welch Allyn Diagnostic Set 18320-PC with Panoptic

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The Welch Allyn Diagnostic Set 18320-PC  includes:

  • PanOptic Ophthalmoscope with Cobalt-Blue Filter and Corneal Viewing Lens (# 11820),
  • Elite Streak Retinoscope (#18240)
  • Rechargeable 60-Minute Power Handle(s) — C-Cell Convertible,
  • Hard Storage Case,
  • Fixation Card Set
  • C- Cell Battery Converter Accessory;
  • Nickel-Cadmium (#72300) Battery;

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The main components of the Welch Allyn Diagnostic Set 18320-PC

Welch Allyn PanOptic 3.5 V Halogen HPX Ophthalmoscope with Slit Aperture, Red-Free Filter, Cobalt-Blue Filter on Corneal Viewing Lens . PN#11820

Patented Axial PointSource™ Optics make it easy to enter undilated pupils, offering a 25º field of view, resulting in a view of the fundus that’s 5X greater than you see with a standard ophthalmoscope in an undilated eye.

  • 5X larger view of the fundus vs. standard ophthalmoscopes in an undilated eye
  • Digitally capture, store, and share fundus images by combining with iExaminer
  • Greater working distance improves comfort for both practitioner and patient
  • Dynamic focusing wheel allows continuous, smooth action and more precise control
  • Halogen HPX® lamp provides bright, white light
  • Compatible with all existing Welch Allyn 3.5 V power sources

Welch Allyn 3.5 V Rechargeable Power Handle PN# 71000-A

  • Universal handle- Accepts all Welch Allyn 3.5v instruments heads.
  • Well-balanced handle- Rests comfortably in the hand. Weight is evenly distributed end to end.
  • Adjusted rheostat control- Free-floating reserve setting allows optimal intensity and battery life.
  • Transformer module- Built-in step-down transformer is U.L. recognized.
  • Economical- Long-lasting rechargeable nickel-cadmium battery included.
  • Sure grip- Smooth, non-abrasive knurled finish insures a no-slip grip.
  • Chrome-plated brass handles provide durable, long-life construction.
  • Safety switch to prevent accidental draining of battery.
  • Metal head connectors for durability.
  • Rechargeable nickel-cadmium battery included.
  • Part of the Welch Allyn Diagnostic Kit 18330

Welch Allyn Elite 3.5 V Halogen HPX Streak Retinoscope . PN#18245

Makes refractions easier than ever by producing one of the brightest, sharpest, and cleanest streaks available.

  • Provides 2.8X the brightness of our standard retinoscopes
  • Superior streak quality enables easier and quicker refractions – even in patients with small pupils
  • Crossed linear polarizing filter eliminates bothersome glare from trial lenses, helping you perform a more precise exam
  • External focusing sleeve improves comfort and maneuverability
  • Sealed optics keep the lenses cleaner for more effective exams
  • Fits all Welch Allyn 3.5 V power sources
  • Part of the Welch Allyn Diagnostic Set 18330

You will find further information about the Welch Allyn Diagnostic Set here.

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Unit Charger 71000-A, Wall Charger 71000-C