Frey LCD Chart Panel CP-200

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The Frey CP-200 LCD Chart Panel chart panel provides a comprehensive range of tests and features, designed to outperform contemporary digital acuity systems.

In addition to standard optotype testing features the device offers Ishihara charts and extensive children tests supported by advanced fixation aids such as animations and color pictures.


Main Features

A large number of acuity test charts

Multiple test charts are available including letters, numbers and symbols charts. The CP-200 provides multiple chart display modes and scales to allow the user to select the best method for the test procedure.

Color Vision testing

The CP-200 has built-in color vision charts allowing to examine patient’s color recognition accuracy.


Technical Specifications

Display size 15″ diagonal, 3:4 aspect ratio
Dimensions 365 x 291 x 30 mm (L/W/H)
Weight 1,5kg
Power supply External INPUT: 100 – 240 ~0.9A 50/60 Hz. OUTPUT: 12.0V 3.0A DC
Power consumption 27 W max

Software Features

frey CP 400 tests Letter charts 1 Letter Charts Available optotypes: Sloan, Snellen, Cyrillic

Presentation modes: Snellen, LogMar, Snellen modified, Snellen contrast, DIN

frey CP 400 tests Symbol charts Symbol Charts Available optotypes:  Standard, Allen, Hands, HOTV, HYVA, Symbols

Presentation modes: Snellen, LogMar, Snellen modified, Snellen contrast, DIN

frey CP 400 tests Numbers Number Charts Available optotypes:

Standard, Numbers 1, Numbers 2, Digital

Presentation modes:
Snellen, LogMar, Snellen modified, Snellen contrast, DIN

frey CP 400 tests ESnellen Snellen Charts Presentation modes:

Snellen, LogMar, Snellen modified, Snellen contrast, DIN

frey CP 400 tests CLandolt Landolt Charts Presentation modes:

Snellen, LogMar, Snellen modified, Snellen contrast, DIN

frey CP 400 tests EDTRS ETDRS Charts ETDRS 1, ETDRS 2, ETDRS R

ETDRS, revision 2000 C1
ETDRS, revision 2000 C2
ETDRS, revision 2000 C3

frey CP 400 tests Red Green Red-Green Charts Schober, Worth Schober Red-Green
Four dot, Stereo Vertical coincidence
Horizontal coincidence Fixation disparity
frey CP 400 tests Black White

White-Black test charts

Cross grid, Cross grid (white), Grid (children), Cross cylinder, Cross Cylinder (white), Astigmatism green, Astigmatism Snellen, Fixation point, Amsler
frey CP 400 tests BaileyLovie

Bailey-Lovie chart

frey CP 400 tests Hearing Impaired

Hearing Impaired

frey CP 400 tests Crowding Bars

Crowding Bars

frey CP 400 tests communication

Communication, reports, multimedia

  • Video
  • File manager
  • Reports
  • WiFi
  • iPad communication (Frey Chart Panel Application)
  • Printing reports
  • (cia iPad)
  • Slideshow
  • Optotype randomization
frey CP 400 tests Other tests animation

Other Tests

  • FAN and Block
  • Children images
  • Animations
  • SIRDS – Single Image Random Dot Test
  • Contrast sensitivity
  • 100 Hue
  • D15 saturated
  • D15 desaturated
  • Ishihara
frey CP 400 tests Snellen

Snellen charts

frey CP 400 tests masks types 1




The Frey Chart Panel suite of devices is one the world’s leading fully featured digital acuity system with more than 5000 devices installed worldwide.

Presented in a slim line and attractive LCD panel with our proprietary built-in powerful computer, Frey Chart Panels enhances the look of any modern clinical practice designed to perform a comprehensive suite of recognized international visual acuity tests supported by easily customized reporting tools to suit clinician or practice needs.

Clinical advantages of the Frey Chart Panel technology

  • Fully integrated customized design designed to eliminate the risk of any computer related software or hardware incompatibility.
  • Extensive range of tests and functions that result in a precise determination of ocular diseases and common medical conditions.
  • Extensive range of tests and Optotypes with upgrade capability.
  • Complete range of contrast, color and stereo tests.
  • Patient education tools.
  • Comprehensive Optotype range including EU,UK, US and International standards.
  • Precise adjustment of working distance and Optotype.
  • Smooth and silent operation.
  • Optimized for illuminated rooms.
  • Built-in proprietary computer.
  • Test reporting.
  • Speech and hearing impaired tests.
  • Animations and videos.
  • Random and User programmable sequencing.
  • Mirrored setup.
  • Continuous technology upgrades.
  • Test Report customized Patient Education and Video Functions.
  • Slim Line space saving design, easily mounted

Ease of Use

Frey Chart Panels can be mounted directly on the wall or with use of VESA Standard adjustable Wall Mount or Desk Stand.

A simple to use IR remote with direct commands is intuitive and simple to use. Tests can be carried out in daylight illumination conditions creating a comfortable and convenient environment for patients and clinician.

Enhanced Children Tests & Fixation Methodspdf 1

A complete suite of Optotypes, including HOTV and ALLEN Pre-School tests are supported by Animations, Colorful Pictures and Videos.

Superior Contrast Testing

pdf 2

Threshold Optotype Testing: Complements and extends the assessment in visual acuity function.

Spatial Frequency Testing: A proprietary contrast test for the early diagnosis of Cataract, Diabetic Retinopathy and other ocular diseases.

Test Result Reporting

Patient details can be easily entered into the system upon which the clinician can perform a sequence of acuity and visual tests. Test results can be stored in the Frey Chart Panel memory.

Low Vision AMD Optotypes

Standardized vision tests for patients with Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)
with Optotypes size and contrast alteration at a calibrated distance.

pdf 3 pdf 4
pdf 5 pdf 6

Comparative Table between Frey Chart Panel Models


Additional information

Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 24 in