Humphrey FDT Model 710 – Refurbished



This Zeiss Humphrey FDT Model 710 is refurbished, calibrated, and ready to ship.

The Optional unique “FDT-Connect” system allows you to view threshold results in a full 8 1/2 x 11 format and send digital results to any EMR. Includes 10.1″ Lenovo Windows 8.1 tablet and dock to view results.

The Humphrey FDT Model 710 has been inspected, calibrated, and refurbished to new specifications with updated software and professional packaging.

Complete system at an excellent price with a 6 months warranty

This Humphrey FDT Model 710 includes

  • Refurbished Humphrey FDT Model 1710
  • 1-year Warranty

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Zeiss Humphrey FDT Model 710 Specifications

Humphrey FDT Visual Analyzer

Humphrey FDT – Frequency Doubling Technology for efficient visual field loss detection

Clinically validated

The Humphrey FDT Model 710 is ideal for clinics desiring to identify patients in need of ophthalmological referral. It has been clinically validated in more than 170 peer-reviewed publications.

Proven Performance on Virtually All Patients

Studies have found that virtually all patients can perform this fast and simple test with reliable results:

  • Beijing Eye Study: 98% patient success
  • Tajimi Population Screening Study: 98.7% patient success.
The Humphrey FDT can detect visual field loss associated with a variety of ocular diseases
Humphrey FDT diseases


Easy to operate and interpret

The Humphrey FDT Model 710 is optimized for use in both ophthalmological and non-ophthalmological settings and may be operated by healthcare workers having little or no specialty training in ophthalmology.

  • Patients may be tested using their own glasses, no requirement for trial lenses or eye patches1
  • Short test: ~ 40 seconds per eye
  • A simplified interpretation of results
  • Large, age-related normative database
  • Compact design that fits anywhere in your practice
  • Easy and intuitive operation for users of any level of experience
  • Dependable performance in ambient light
  • Convenient low-cost, built-in printer

The Zeiss Humphrey FDT Model 710 Perimeter uses Frequency Doubling Technology to provide a clinically verified, fast, and affordable means of detecting early visual field loss.

The Zeiss Humphrey FDT Model 710 is the ideal visual field screening device because it conducts supra-threshold testing in only 35 seconds per eye.

Remarkably affordable, the Zeiss Humphrey FDT Model 710 brings Visual Field testing to any size practice, even the smallest. In addition to fast supra-threshold testing, the Humphrey FDT also conducts threshold testing complete with statistical analysis in about 4 minutes.

Visual field testing is a basic element in the standard of care for glaucoma management.

Practice & Patient Friendly Operation

The Zeiss Humphrey FDT 710 Perimeter has easy-to-use features you expect from ZEISS products. Only the most minimal operator training is required because of the intuitive, 3-touch controls.

When using the Zeiss Humphrey FDT 710, there is no need for an instrument or patient set-up. The Zeiss FDT performs easily and dependably in ambient light so there’s no need to darken the room. Eye patches aren’t necessary either, and trial lenses are only required beyond +/- 7 diopters.

FDT is ideal for screening

  • Highly sensitive in detecting visual field loss associated with a range of eye diseases
  • Can be placed almost anywhere, including non-ophthalmic clinical settings
  • Technician operated, with minimal training
  • Fast and easy testing for patients in 40 seconds per eye
  • Simple to understand test

The C-20-1 test emphasizes high specificity and is, therefore, best designed for general screening of large populations.

The C-20-5 test emphasizes high sensitivity to optimize detection of early, subtle pathologic sensitivity loss, and is best designed for screening ophthalmic patients with risk factors or symptoms associated with eye diseases.

FDT 710 C-20 test FDT 710 C-20-5 test

Zeiss Humphrey FDT Perimeter Size

The Humphrey FDT 710 has a low profile and small footprint, combined with lightweight, making the Zeiss FDT 710 the ideal Visual Field screener for practices where space is at a premium. Weighing in at only 19 pounds, the Humphrey FDT 710 can be moved easily from room to room with ease. The Zeiss Humphrey FDT 710 can be used on most equipment tables.

The Zeiss Humphrey FDT Perimeter can also be used in practices with other automated perimeters for initial testing.

Zeiss Humphrey FDT 710 Perimeter Visual Field Analyzer Features:

• Supra-threshold testing in only 35 seconds makes the Zeiss Humphrey FDT Perimeter the ideal in-office visual field screening device
• Easy to use means, anyone, on your staff can learn to operate the Humphrey FDT 710 in minutes
• Compact and lightweight (19 lbs) so you can use the Zeiss FDT almost anywhere and easily move it from room to room
• Clinically validated by numerous studies documenting the Zeiss FDT’s diagnostic performance

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