Topcon TRC-50X Fundus Camera Used

SKU: US-RC-TOP-50X-Imagenet

This Topcon TRC-50X FA Fundus Camera System comes with a CCD digital camera and original ImageNet software.

Complete system at an excellent price with a 12 months warranty and on site training in the U.S.


  • Used Topcon TRC-50X Fundus Camera
  • CCD Digital Camera
  • ImageNet Software
  • PC
  • Power Table
  • Full 1 year Warranty
  • On Site Setup and Training


Specifications of the Topcon TRC-50X Fundus Camera

The Topcon TRC-50X is a top performer of table top retinal fundus cameras. For increased diagnostic interpretation, The Topcon TRC-50X offers three angles of coverage, which can be easily changed from 20, 35, and 50 degrees, all with a single lever. Retinal photographs of the peripheries can be taken because the induced distortion can be corrected with the Topcon inspired astigmatic correction device. The Topcon TRC-50X offers controlled illumination settings which are available for both normal color photography and fluorescein photography.

Topcon TRC-50X Fundus Camera Features:

• TRC-50X Optical Head
• Power Supply
• One MT-2 Camera back
• Chin rest assembly
• External fixation device
• System is complete and in Excellent working condition
• Ideal camera for Digital System Adaptation
• Unit can be adapted to Digital images


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