Topcon TRC NW400 NM Fundus Camera – Refurbished



This Topcon TRC NW400 Fundus Camera system is in perfect condition with 6 months warranty.


  • Refurbished Fundus Camera Topcon TRC NW400
  • Windows 7 All-in-one PC
  • Imagenet 5 Software
  • 6 months warranty

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Topcon TRC NW400 Fundus Camera

Main Features

  • Topcon TRC NW400
  • True Color Fundus Images
    • High quality Sensor using proprietary technology
  • Easy to Navigate
    • Fully automated fundus photography
    • Intuitive touch screen control panel
  • Space Saving
    • Rotating touch screen control panel
    • Compact and modern design
  • Versatile and Simple Operation
    • DICOM and various connectivity

Fully Automatic Mode

In fully auto mode, Alignment, Focusing, Shooting and movement between right eye and left eye are operated automatically. Any operator can use without practice. An operator simply touches the screen to select a mode, touches the center of the pupil and presses “Capture START”. Providing consistent quality results no matter who the operator.

Topcon NW400 Automatic Mode

Manual Operation Mode

In manual mode, the operator can drive the camera using the touch screen as if via the Control lever. This is particularly useful in cases where auto mode is not possible or a specific area of the fundus requires illustration. In manual mode alignment is adjusted by finger touch on the screen and illumination, flash intensity, diopter adjustment and internal fixation targets, etc can be adjusted.

Topcon TRC 400 Fundus Camera

Space Saving

The TRC-NW400 incorporates a rotating touch panel monitor that allows the operation of the instrument from virtually any angle. This feature lets the photographer be in front, behind or at either side of the patient, optimizing space saving. The TRC-NW400 can comfortably be operated when located against a wall or in a corner.

Topcon NW400 Space Saving

Stereo Photography

Topcon NW400 StereopsisIn Stereo photography mode, the alignment for a stereo pair is performed automatically. Following the prompts on screen a stereo pair for stereo viewing can be quickly and easily acquired.

Remote Connectivity

The TRC-NW400 has remote access capability. To allow uninterrupted operation of the instrument, technical support specialist are able to connect remotely to the camera via an internet connection for updating the version or checking the status, etc.

Internal Fixation Operation

The Traditional 3 fixation targets (Disc, Center and Macula) as well as the 9 fixation target for peripheral photography are incorporated.

Topcon NW400 Fixation Targets

Small Pupil Photography & Zoom Function

The TRC-NW400 enables the user to acquire retinal images with pupils as small as 3.3 mm, with assistance functions as small pupil aperture, digital zooming function and overlayed mask. When the “small pupil mode” is selected, the camera will automatically adjust for small pupils.

Anterior Photography

Topcon NW400 Fundus CameraHandy anterior photography function allows for quick documentation of external conditions of the eye surface and cornea.

High Sensitivity and Low Flash

For patient comfort and compliance, a low 4.0Ws flash intensity is normally utilized, producing excellent images with low flash and reducing patient’s stress.


TRC-NW400 is incorporated with USB and LAN interface allowing flexible storage solutions.

Direct DICOM

The TRC-NW400 is DICOM compliant making it easy to integrate within PCS and EMR programs.

Topcon NW400 Fundus Camera

Shared Folder

The TRC-NW400 can save images into a shared folder on a network. By using shared folder, the third party’s system can retrieve the images from TRC-NW400 and save them into their system.

Topcon NW400 Fundus Camera


IMAGEnet is Topcon’s ophthalmic data system that allows you to manage TRC-NW400 and data from other modalities.

IMAGEnet web-based viewer allos you to access IMAGEnet images through other filing software via your internet browser.

Topcon NW-400 Fundus Camera

Specifications for Topcon TRC NW400

Observation & photography of the fundus
Angle of coverage 45/30 or equivalent (digital zoom)
Working distance 34,8 mm ( in fundus photography)
Pupil diameter for photography 45:  4.0 mm or more
Small pupil diameter: 3.3mm or more
Fixation target Internal fixation target:

  • Dot matrix type organic EL
  • The display position can be changed and adjusted
  • The displaying method can be changed.

Peripheral fixation target

  • This is displayed according to the internal fixation target displayed position.


Patient Diopter Correction Range
Without the diopter compensation lens -13D to +12D
When the concave compensation lens is used -12D to -33D
When the convex compensation lens is used +11D to +40D
Power Source
Source Voltage AC100-240V
Power Input 120VA
Frequency 50-60Hz
Dimensions and Weight
Dimensions 272-383 mm(W) x 464-660mm(D) x 512-700 mm(H)
Weight 18 kg


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