Topcon TRC NW8 Fundus Camera Refurbished



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This Topcon TRC-NW8 Fundus Camera system is in perfect condition with 90 days warranty


  • Fundus Camera Topcon TRC NW8
  • Nikon Original Camera Back
  • Windows 7 PC
  • Topcon IMAGEnet 5 Software
  • Electric Table

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Specifications of the Topcon TRC NW8 Fundus Camera – Non Mydriatic Retinal Camera

True Optical Red Free Photography

Topcon has developed an innovative feature on its Topcon TRC NW8 retinal camera : True optical red free capability with an actual red free filter. This feature allows for high resolution red-free image acquisition that is clearer tahn digitally enhanced images from color-only imaging systems. The red free and color image capabilities are selectable by pulling out the RF filter.

Auto Small Pupil Detection

A common problem are patients with small pupils and when mydriatic drops cannot be used the “Small Pupil” (min.Ø 3.3 mm) option within the Topcon TRC NW8 allows you to still be able to get a shot.

Quality of image is crucial as well as durability

With these important requirements Topcon did not hesitate in deciding on which manufacturer it would use for its digital camera supplier.

Nikon probably has the largest reputation when it comes to digital SLR cameras and is used by most of the worldpress for a very good reason. Therefore you have no need to worry that your new TRC NW8 will ever be compromised by the digital SLR in terms of quality of image and durability.

Lower Flash Intensity

Topcon has always endeavored to keep flash levels as low as possible while at the same time ensuring that good exposed images are achieved. The Topcon TRC NW8 non mydriatic retinal camera is no exception here, but with greater control of the CCD camera, optimum exposure can be achieved each and every time.

Aesthetic Design

In designing the new Topcon TRC NW8 a lot of attention has been spent on the general appearance of the unit with the finest finish and also on the ergonomics. What is clear when you sit down a the camera is how logical everything is and not cluttered by many different cables. The TRC NW8 has a unique way of eliminating connecting cables and gives the operator a clutter free environment.

Fixation Target

In line with the requirement for Diabetic screening, when the fixation target mode is set at DFC ( “D” is for centre of optic disc, “C”, is for central macula and “F” is for centre of Fovea), the internal fixation target will move by one in proper position that can be helpful in diagnosis such as glaucoma and diabetes.

Imagenet Software

Using comprehensive software for capturing, processing, archiving and consulting. IMAGEnet system expands the abilities of the TRC-NW8 into a digital imaging analysis system for clinical application.

Easy alignment, Auto Focus and Autoshoot

Alignment could not be simpler with the new Topcon TRC NW8. Crucially the operator is still in control; however with the very latest in alignment aids the process of getting a sharp focused image time after time could not be easier.

Auto Focus

This is a new feature of the Topcon TRC NW8 which allows the operator to choose to have Auto Focus facility. This can be of great healp when trying to photograph difficult subjects or patients with high degree of accommodation. Auto Focus allows for a sharp image every time.

Auto Shoot

The Topcon TRC NW8 has the option for Auto Shoot which is of great benefit to the operator as it monitors when all parameters are correct and takes the picture. This rapidly speeds up capture process and is of great benefit when photographing patients who have problems fixating.

Specifications for Topcon TRC NW8

Angle of coverage 45@
Working distance 40.7 mm
Pupil diameter for photography 4.0mm or more
3.3mm or more when the small pupil diaphragm is used
Type of photography Color photography and red-free photography
Patient diopter correction range Without correction lens: -13D to +12D (where split lines are used)
With minus correction lens: -12D to -33D
With plus correction lens: +9D to +40D
Auxiliary function for photography Auto focus function
(Used only in theh split line working range. This can be turned ON/OFF
Internal Fixation Target Center/ Periphery
Right/left eye automatic detection
Optional position presetting function
Base movement Back-forth: 46 mm, Right-left: 100 mm, Up-Down: 30 mm
Chinrest movement 67 mm
Power source Frequency: 50/60Hz VOltage: AC110, 120,230,240v selectable
Weight 24.5 kg


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